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2014-02-16 11:50 am
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Trope Bingo Card

food porn time travel fuck or die matchmaker indecent proposal
au: fairy tale / myth first time / last time immortality / reincarnation presumed dead role reversal
reunion mind games FREE

trapped in a dream amnesia
metafiction secret twin / doppelganger au: other forbidden fruit friends to lovers / friends with benefits
twenty-four hours to live trust and vows kidfic epistolary au: mundane
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2014-02-16 11:04 am

Cotton Candy Bingo Card

Reading Officially moving in together Unicorns Easily amused Hands
Kiss Itch Personalized Sleepwalking / Sleeptalking Art
Wishes Sleeping on someone WILD CARD Desert Grand romantic gesture
Online dating / relationship Our song Finding self Awe / Wonder Improvise
Pregnancy Dark Stars/Outer Space Early Baby / Child
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2012-02-08 01:02 pm

icons: 30 ANIMATED

[6] Devour
[1] Jensen
[22] Supernatural (episodes 1x02 ; 1x06 ; 1x11 ; 2x04 ; 2x19 ; 3x08 ; 4x01 ; 7x12 ; 7x13)
[1] The Lion King

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2012-02-03 04:43 pm
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resources: Supernatural PSD Pack

I posted these individually on my LiveJournal account, but I've decided to just compile them all into one zip folder here. You can still access all of them as separate posts on my LJ account. I'll add more to this when my computer stops acting up and I can access my files. If that ever happens. :/

ZIP folder contains 6 PSD files.

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2012-02-03 11:54 am

hello there

That's pretty much all you need to know.